Ernie's Import Lp Corner

The First Year December 1954- February 1955

“The First Year December 1954 – February 1955” on Black Belt Records LP2 was released in 1979. This is one of my favorite LPs even though the material is not uncommon. The cover features Elvis busting through the front page of a newspaper. His jacket has been re-touched in bright purple to emphasize the excitement with which Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys burst onto the music scene. The back has three blurry photos of Elvis almost being pulled off of the stage probably circa 1956. The LP label is bright red with black text and my copy is pressed on neat-looking multi-color splash vinyl. 

Side One: “Good Rockin’ Tonight”, “ Baby Let’s Play House”, “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, “I Got A Woman” and “That’s All Right Mama” are all live and credited to early 1955 as Eagle’s Hall Houston, TX. These saw official release in 1990 on the BMG licensed “Elvis Raw” Outwest Records and are dated March 19, 1955.  The tracks are in very good quality considering the archaic technology of the day.  It would have been something else to have been there!! 

Side Two: Starts off with a 1956 interview with Jay Thompson in Wichita Falls, TX after Elvis’ final Hayride performance.  “Tweedle Dee” is credited as early 1955 in Gladewater, TX ( April 30, 1955 to be exact ).  “That’s All Right Mama” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky” are from Elvis’ first Hayride appearance on October 16, 1954.  And as we all know, the quality on these is excellent.  The side closes out with a radio interview by Bob Neal on WMPS radio in Memphis, TN in 1955 promoting the upcoming Texarkana, AR.  Of interesting note is the mention of the “new artist” Johnny Cash who was to be included on the bill, and who we unfortunately just recently lost.  This interview runs too slow and is quite noisy but is in better quality on other sources. 

Overall, there is nothing new here, but the compilation of material is as good as it gets.  Coupled with good artwork, this LP is certainly a nice addition to any LP collection.

Ernie Boyes Jr.