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Big Boss Man


This LP was a nice find!!  I never knew it existed till I ran across the auction on e-bay!!  “ Big Boss Man ” is the title as it appeared on the CFR 1-0793 label.  It contains the Opening Night show from August 19, 1974 in Las Vegas.  A fantastic show, as we all know from the Fort Baxter 2094 “ If You Talk in Your Sleep ” release from 1994. 

That CD was in fact the first import CD I ever bought.  When I was in college, a friend of mine was a fan of the Swedish band Roxette and was putting in an order of import CDs from a store in Europe somewhere and there were a few select Elvis titles, the only other of which I remember was “ Opening Night ’69. ”  I don’t know why I chose “ If You Talk In Your Sleep. ”  I think it was because I wanted to hear something from 1974 in Vegas.  The CD sleeve photo is one of my favorites as far as the CDs go.  I remember not being terribly impressed with the sound quality because I had never heard a soundboard before and was used to the mixed multi-track recordings of RCA.  However I did enjoy the song selection and as I became more of a collector, I realized how good the sound quality really is from this soundboard source!!  And of course 1996’s “ From Sunset Blvd to Paradise Road ” 2 CD set on the DAE label gave us Elvis fans selections from the rehearsals as well as the concert again remastered!!  What a fantastic set!! 

However, before 1994 I suppose this LP was one means of having this concert in one’s collection.  It features a beautiful full color LP sleeve with very nice photos front and back…slightly blurry though from having been blown up so much.  The record labels are dark green with silver printing and state “ Made in Italy. ”  There is no year anywhere on the package, so it is anyone’s guess.  Dig the little “ Elvis Fish with a crown ” graphic in the bottom left of the cover, cute :>) 

The LP does feature an audience recording of the show, which of course gives more of the audience feel, but still the sound quality is enjoyable, and of course this is a great show.  The track listing for the show is as follows, however the titles in red are not on this LP version due to the fact that the entire show may not have been recorded from the audience in its entirety, or most likely the whole show wouldn’t fit onto the LP: 

Big Boss Man

Proud Mary

Down in the Alley

Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues

Never Been to Spain

It’s Midnight

If You Talk in Your Sleep

I’m Leavin’

Let Me Be There

Softly As I Leave You

If You Love Me, Let Me Know

Love Me Tender

Polk Salad Annie

Band Introductions

Promised Land

Elvis introduces Telly Savalas

My Baby Left Me

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Hound Dog

Can’t Help Falling in Love (incomplete in soundboard)

Closing Riff (not on the soundboard) 

Interestingly, “ Can’t Help…” is incomplete on the CD because the engineer stopped the tape.  The LP has the whole song as well as the complete Closing Riff.  This is a very nice LP, quality artwork, quality pressing, decent source tape, and despite having some of the key songs edited from the performance for whatever reason, I am very glad to have found this LP!!  Since the CD release of the soundboard this LP is only for LP collectors who enjoy such oddities.  I hope to run across more such surprises in the future though!!  When it comes to entertainment, this show is definitely one that proves Elvis was, and still is, the “ Big Boss Man ”!!

Ernie Boyes Jr.