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Rockin' With Elvis  April Fool's Day


“ Rockin’ with Elvis April Fool’s Day ” Live Stage Productions 72722 is a top-notch LP release. This LP was released in 1980 and according to the book “Jailhouse Rock ” originated in the USA. To quote: “ RCA could take a lesson in packaging Elvis albums from this bootleg.” ( p. 217 Cotton/DeWitt )  The LP has a high quality full color cover photo taken from the Ashville, NC July 22nd 1975 show. There are three “action ” photos on the back of the cover taken from the same show but printed in “blue tint” next to the concert track listing, song times and musician listing.  The LP labels are gold with the LP title and track listing given on each side though no artist is credited.  The artwork is high quality, except for perhaps the fact that the photos are sloppily “cut-out” and Elvis’ hair looks funny. 

This show is the April 1, 1975 9:00 pm Closing Night performance to wrap up a 2 week stint in Vegas.  The sound quality is fantastic for an audience recording.  With no room ambiance what so ever, the recording clearly picks up an extremely well balanced mix of instruments and vocals from the PA system…the person recording this show was certainly well placed in the showroom that evening!!  The performance is top notch as well.  Elvis is in great voice and in fine mood and seems to be giving some extra to close out this Vegas stint. 

This show was released on CD in 1992 under the same title and with the same artwork under the label designation 92-EF-14-04.  The CD was copied from the LP and some digital filtering was done to clean up the sound.  Too bad the original master tape hadn’t been used for the CD.  The only flaw, if you will, with the master tape is that it ran out before the show was over, therefore the last 2 songs on the LP and CD were taken from RCA’s LP “ Elvis Recorded Live in Memphis ” March 20, 1974.  Can’t really fault anyone for that though cause when the tape runs out, it runs out.  The producers of this LP could have made mention of this fact though. 

This LP is a fantastic representation of a mid 70’s performance and it is a very good performance as well. And considering the fact that in 1980 RCA had not released any material representing this period makes this LP all the more attractive. Add to that the excellent sound quality and artwork and you’ve got a real winner!!  This LP should be enjoyed by all Elvis fans and certainly should be in any serious Elvis boot LP collector’s collection.  Even the casual LP collector will enjoy this release, and even though this is an April Fool’s Day performance, this release is no joke!!

Ernie Boyes Jr.