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Elvis - Long Lost Songs

Note : The producers made several errors for dating many performances featured on this LP, and consequently we added some extra details in a different color.

“ Long Lost Songs ” Vault Records EAP 1020 is a nice compilation of rare songs.  The artwork is rather simple.  The LP cover has a rather unflattering b/w photo of Elvis getting out of a limo, but on the back there is nice b/w shot of Elvis on stage in the Aztec suit.  The photos should have been switched.  The back of the LP dates it as 1977, Vault Records, Barcelona Spain.  Isn’t Spanish spoken in Spain?…and there is no Spanish text on this LP…that’s strange isn’t it?  Most likely this LP didn’t came from Spain.  Also, Cotton and Dewitt do not list this LP in their book “Jailhouse Rock ”, which covers LPs from 1970 to 1983; the LP was most likely produced in the mid-late 1980’s.  I doubt that the authors just overlooked this LP.  The LP labels are yellow/orange with sparse black text.  The pressing is rather noisy, but mastered at a good level.  The sound quality on the tracks varies as there are different sources covering a variety of years.  Over all the sound is good and consistent, except for one track. 

Side 1 opens with “Just Pretend ” from Dec 1975 in Vegas, no exact date given. “ It’s A Matter of Time ” is credited from Vegas Aug 25, 1973.  “ Tiger Man ” is a slower version than usual from sometime in 1975, no date or venue listed ( This version is from August 11th 1973 midnight show ). “ Down in the Alley ” is from the opening Vegas show Aug 19, 1974.  The sound quality on this track is rather distant but is a nice addition considering the LP was released years before the soundboard of this show ever seeing the light of day.  “ Such A Night ” Dec 12, 1976.  “ Loving You ” and “Crying in the Chapel/Rip it Up ” are listed as being from Aug 1975.  Side 1 closes with “ Roses Are Red/I’ll Be There/You’re the Reason I’m Living ” dated as March 22, 1975 in Vegas. 

Side 2 opens with a two-verse version of “ Crying Time ” simply dated as 1970 Vegas. However it sounds more like 1972-73 to me and I am pretty sure JD Sumner and the Stamps are back up ( This song is from the August 12th,1973 midnight show ) .This is a highlight!!  “ San Antonio Rose ” is just a verse or so and the sound quality is bad.  It is credited to Vegas Sept 1, 1970, but the apparent arena-ambience suggests a 1970 tour show to me.  “ Where No One Stands Alone ” is from Johnson City, Feb 19, 1977 ( This is actually from the February 16th, 1977 concert in Montgomery,AL ).  “ God Calls Me Home ” is a snippet that is undated on the LP.  However, someone wrote “ possibly 1976 Las Vegas of Lake Tahoe ” on my copy.  Mostly it is JD and the Stamps.  “ Bathroom Conversation ”, “ Blue Suede Shoes ”, “ Young and Beautiful ”, “ Are You Lonesome Tonight? ” and “ If You Love Me Let Me Know ” are all dated as Vegas 1976 ( All those songs are from August 1975 ).  The last two tracks “ Folsom Prison Blues ” and “ I Walk the Line ” are the well-known versions from Aug 14, 1970 MS.  But the EQ has been jacked up on this LP giving us more high-end clarity…and more hiss…“six of one, half a dozen of another ” as has been said. 

This LP is more or less for vinyl collectors.  The nice thing is that the LP does live up to its title in a way as most of these selections are not readily available and certainly were not back in the mid-late 80’s.  And the producers did a decent job with the artwork as well.  By no means should you run out in search of this LP but it is definitely a must for vinyl collectors because of contents and decent quality artwork.

Ernie Boyes Jr.