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The Colonel's collection

MAC Records 24.162 (1993)

Soldier boy (#2,3, 5 false starts and one alt. take)
AFN Radio Intervieuw, Part 1 (March 1960)
AFN Radio Intervieuw, Part 2 (March 1960)
Are you lonesome tonight (#2)
Puppet on a string (#7)
Puppet on a string (#10)
You'll never walk alone (Undubbed)
If every day was like Christmas (alt. take, lead vocals by Red West, Elvis doing 2nd voice)
Anything that's part of you (alt. take)
Moonlight swim (Home recording plus overdub)
Where no one stands alone (Live, Montgomery, February 16, 1977)
Spanish eyes (Home recording, duet with Sherill Nielsen)
Very interesting cd with material from acetates and the sound quality is good too.

Sound rate ***