White Spanish Flowers vs Nashville suit


Elvis Monthly

This is a full view of the " White Spanish "jumpsuit. I know it's not easy to compare with two black 'n' white pics. The belt of that suit was used by Elvis at the afternoon show of Los Angeles of May 11th 1974 re.cover of the album " Promised Land ", which obviously didn't belong to the " Peacock " jumpsuit.



          White Spanish suit (left)/* Nashville suit (right)          


On these two color shots it's much easier to see the differences. The " Nashville jumpsuit " has Gold / Blue incrustations while the " White Spanish jumpsuit " has Green and light Blue stones incrusted in a different manner and design.The latter suit was displayed  at Graceland in 1997 besides his " Black Spanish " counterpart, both have exactly the same design except that the Black one has red and bigger stones on it.


(*) Many thanks to Michael and Nick for providing me that photograph.


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