Elvis Lived The Good Life On Assembly Hall Stage

Bloomington,IN. May 27th 1976

By Rich Stim


Since a lot of people are going to be reading this solely to find out if Elvis Presley looked obese last night at Assembly Hall last might as well start out by saying that I couldn't care less if Elvis was rolled out in a wheelbarrow, as long as his attitude was okay and his voice was in tune.  


George O. Hill Bloomington, IN. May 27th 1976

As it was (and I hate to dwell on this more than necessary) he didn't look much more overweight than the average 41-year- old ticket buyer. Besides which, let's remember that a little extra weight used to be a sign of pride in man. It demonstrates that he can afford to live the good life. 

Presley wasn't afraid to live the good life on stage at  Assembly Hall Thursday night. He laid back often, giving his back-up singers a lot of chances to fill in; and played continually with the audience, shaking and posturing in the way that the crowd remembers him.


George O. Hill Bloomington, IN. May 27th 1976         

Referring to the negative publicity surrounding the present Elvis tour, Presley told the audience in a slightly slurred voice, " Regardless what you heard, have a good time."  And regardless what the audience had heard they did have a good time. Personally, I thought Elvis performance was a perfect Bicentennial gift.

Originally published in a Bloomington newspaper