Georges Hill  

Atlanta, GA. December 30th 1976. That performance was part of his ninth and shortest tour of 1976. He demonstrated during these performances more vitality and pep than he had during the first five tours of that year altogether. He was equally in great spirits and it showed as well.


Georges Hill  

The show was longer than usual (approx. 80 minutes) and included certainly the best live version of " Such A Night " he ever did on stage in the seventies, obviously I'm referring here to known version performed live. He made an attempt to it also during his last Vegas stint but it wasn't nearly as good as the one sung in Atlanta.


Harold J. Newton

The " King Of Spades " jumpsuit was first worn in October 1974 in Lake Tahoe, however Elvis didn't use the original belt when he started wearing it in October 1976, instead the original belt of the " V- Neck "  jumpsuit was chosen.

You can see more pictures and the article published in the Atlanta Journal in the Concert Reviews section

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