Ron Wolfe

Cincinnati, OH. March 21st 1976 evening show. There were two shows that day at the Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum. The concerts were announced on radio on February 20 and both were sold out the following day ( More than 17,500 fans at each concert ).


Ron Wolfe

Elvis started to wore the " Rainfall jumspuit " in December '75 in Las Vegas. He also wore it at the famed New Year's Eve Pontiac '75 show but had to change suit after splitting the inseam in the pants. Elvis didn't wear this jumpsuit after the May/June 1976 tour until the end of that year. He finally wore again during the February 1977 tour. The first time in West Palm Beach,FL. on the 13th and for the very last time in Montgomery,AL. on February 16th.


Cathi Avenell

Cincinnati,OH. March 21st 1976 afternoon show. Elvis wore the " Blue Prehistoric Birds " jumpsuit at the matinee performance. While singing " Polk Salad Annie " he split the inseam of his pants. Elvis asked J.D. Sumner to introduce the Stamps while leaving for changing suit. Elvis returned on stage wearing the same jumpsuit he would used at the evening performance and brought the other suit with him on stage.


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