Judy Palmer

Las Vegas, NV. December 14th 1975. Elvis wore the " White Prehistoric Bird with blue sleeves jumspsuit " for the first time that night. This jumpsuit became very well known in 1976 as Elvis used it a lot during the first half of the year along with the light blue version with white sleeves.

At the closing show Elvis was wearing a gold medallion, this can be verify on page 1975-5 at the bottom. This gold medallion was presented to Elvis by the Las Vegas Hilton in appreciation for his huge success there during that Vegas season, his name was equally written on it in diamonds.


Chris Trant

Robert Hillburn of the Los Angeles Times wrote " Although he continues to do the old hits in rather token fashion, there were moments as there are always with Presley where he showed the power and sensitivity that established him as the premier stylist of the rock era. "


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