Sue McCasland

Lake Tahoe, NV. May 1974. The " Blue Rainbow " jumpsuit was brand new from his previous short May tour in California. Strangely enough  he didn't use the matching belt when he started to wear it, instead he wore a belt that was designed for a 1973 jumpsuit, the " Blue Target " jumpsuit. The " Blue Rainbow " jumpsuit was most likely used for the very first time at the May 13th 1974 concert in San Bernardino with the same belt shown above.


Bob Heis

This jumpsuit has been regularly worn by Elvis until  the end of 1974. The photograph above from the matinee performance in Dayton, OH. on October 6th features the original belt designed for the " Rainbow jumpsuit ". This jumpsuit made a re-appearance in October 1976 through the end of that year. Here's some pictures taken in December 1976 with this jumpsuit and an alternative stage belt.


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