Judy Palmer

Las Vegas,NV. September 1st 1974 dinner show. This is the very first time that Elvis wore the " Tiger " jumpsuit ". Elvis used it as well for the closing show but didn't wear his Karate Gi at that show, and neither did a karate demonstration. On the previous nights Elvis went into lengthy monologue about Karate.


Judy Palmer

Another picture from the September 1st 1974 dinner show. At the closing show  he sang beautifully but at the same time went into a graphic account of a liver biopsy that he had undergone, and later in the show he made his infamous diatribe about the movie magazines and the strung out & drugs rumors. This show was released on CD some years ago under the title " Desert Storm ".

After his closing show Elvis didn't leave Las Vegas immediately. on the third he attended Tom Jones' concert at the Caesars's Palace  Vickie Carr's concert at the Tropicana on the fourth. He finally left Vegas in the morning of September 5th.


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