J.A.T. Publishing/ Ed Bonja

The picture above is being identified as being from the January/February ' 72 Vegas season but was most likely taken in August 1972. Elvis used most of the jumpsuits and capes from the previous November '71 tour and some new ones as well. The new jumpsuits for this season were : Red Burning Love, Owl suit, Blue Nail, White Pyramid and his black version. All these jumpsuits could be seen in the mvie " Elvis On Tour " excepted for the Black Pyramid.


J.A.T. Publishing/ Ed Bonja

For the first Vegas 1972 season  Elvis rehearsed several new songs, some of them were regularly performed and included: See See Rider (new as an opening song), Never Been To Spain, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (also sung occasionally in 1971), You Gave Me A Mountain, An American Trilogy, I'll Remember You, Until It's Time For You To Go and Big Hunk O' Love.


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