Sandi Miller

Las Vegas,NV. August 1972. For the first two weeks of this engagement Elvis mostly wore two piece suits, after a few songs he would discard the vest revealing a brightly colored shirt.At the end of the show he would don the vest and cape and come back to the closed curtain with his arms spread re. 1972-1.


Sandi Miller

For the midnight show of August 19th, Elvis wore a baby blue suit and white shirt with the pants heavily embroidered in silver with blue stones. The two photos above described the same attire but the specific date of these isn't known.


Sandi Miller


It was reported that camera crews from MGM were there to film the opening show for inclusion in the movie " Elvis On Tour ". If true then nothing was used in the final version of the movie, yet some footage taken outside the Hilton during the " Elvis Summer '72 Festival " were included in the movie " This Is Elvis ".


Sean Shaver

On the photograph above Elvis is wearing the same light blue spanish design two piece suit  but with a different shirt. You can see the details of this shirt on the three black and white pictures from J.A.T. Publishing on page 1972-7. The " X " mark on the stage indicates where the microphone stand must be at the beginning of the show.


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