Spring Fever Elvis Fan Club

Buffalo,NY April 5th 1972. Elvis started his first concert tour of 1972 In Buffalo,NY. MGM and RCA accompanied portions of the tour to record shows for the documentary " Elvis On Tour ".


Spring Fever Elvis Fan Club

The MGM camera crew* captured Elvis' karate demonstration at the end of " Suspicious Minds " and included in the movie. At the end of this movie you can see Elvis running and getting into the car which was filmed in Hampton Rds,VA. If you look closely at the same sequence ( or seems to be the exact same segment ) in " This Is Elvis ", you'll notice it's different and although Elvis has the same jumpsuit ( Blue Nail ) the belt is different. This short sequence in " This Is Elvis " was also filmed in Buffalo,NY.

*Bob Abel filmed the whole show with a Sony camera/videotape. The quality was good enough for inclusion in the movie and therefore useable in future projects.


Spring Fever Elvis Fan Club

A rehearsal was held in the hotel before the show and some sequences were equally used in the movie. Elvis sings " I John " with the backing vocals at the end of this rehearsal, and right after Elvis asked to Joe Esposito " How much time we've got ? ". I guess it referred to how much time we have before the show.

You can find other photographs with the same jumpsuit but taken in Lubbock, TX on November 8th 1972.


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