Spring Fever Fan Club

Madison Square Garden,New-York. June 9th 1972.The New York Sunday Times wrote " He used The Stage,he worked the people...,he turned,he moved,and when a girl threw a handkerchief on stage,he wiped his forehead with it and threw it back,a gift of sweat from an earthly god. "


Spring Fever Fan Club

Elvis was wearing for the first time to this opening show at MSG a jumpsuit that became widely known as the "Adonis jumpsuit ". He used the same suit at the opening show in Chicago on the 16th and in other cities throughout the June 1972 tour.


Spring Fever Fan Club

This concert was partly filmed with sound by a local New-York T.V. Station and some excerpts were used in different video releases re. Memories of Elvis by George Klein or on some specials related to Elvis on T.V. All the footage was always used without the real sound.However " Dateline NBC " used a short clip of " Polk Salad Annie " a few years ago and presented with the original sound (quite good if I may add!!!). it's not really known for how long they have filmed but all the footages seen so far are from the first five or six songs at the beginning of the show. The crowd and some other acts were also filmed that day.

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