With some fans on October 4, 1976 at 3.30 a.m. outside Vicker's Gas Station on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis and returning with Linda to Graceland the same morning

Kathy Burnett, psychology student at Memphis State University and daughter of Hobart and Bonnie Burnett who own the Hickory Log, the cafe across the street from Graceland related the following;

In October 1976, just before Linda and Elvis broke up, we were all sitting around the Hickory Log about four in the morning, still hoping Elvis might come out that night, even though it was getting towards dawn. And then somebody hollered, "Hey, Elvis is at the Vickers gas station up the street," so we all ran up there and he was getting gas for his motorcycle and for the ones he bought the guys in his group. There were a lot of fans there and people were taking pictures and he was talking and signing autographs and was saying how he was superstitious and into numerology and then he showed us this ring he had just gotten and everybody gathered around to see it, and then someone said, "Let’s go Elvis, we’re drawing a crowd." And he said, "When we stop drawing a crowd is when we have to worry because that’s when we stop driving new motorcycles." I guess he realized that his fans were his fame and his money and that everything he had was the result of their spending the money they had on him.

A few months later some of the same fans were sitting in the front row at one of his concerts and he was showing the audience that same ring, and he looked at those fans who’d been at the gas station that night, and said, "I know you’ve already seen this, but bear with me for a minute."