Backstage with fans in Las Vegas on February 18, 1973

Thanks to The Fool for the date and story

by Willy Weerts (Dutch fan, now living in Australia)

Although there were 94 people on the trip only about 25 were real Elvis fans & members of the Australian FC. One way or another Col. Tom Parker heard about our bad seating at the first show we saw in Vegas (16th Feb dinner show), so the next day he called Bob (Stephens) and they arranged with Emilio for better seating for the next 4 shows that we saw. The Colonel also promised Bob that he could pick 4 people who would meet Elvis backstage. Virginia (Coons) picked the lucky numbers (I remember Rex you sitting in the same booth as her that night). 3 girls were the lucky ones (my wife being one) + another guy and of course Bob. Just after 8pm on the 18th, the lucky ones were led to the place where Elvis would come out from. They waited for about 40 minutes, talking to The Stamps etc. before Elvis appeared. When The King appeared it was all in a big rush. According to my wife the meeting lasted about a minute. Still in that time they were introduced and some photos were taken (4 slides and 1 colour photo, the later is re-produced on the right). They were all given a blue scarf by Mr. Diskin (see photo). This particular photo was taken by Tom Diskin with my wife´s camera. Elvis is wearing the blue jumpsuit with gold scrole, Bob Stephens on El´s left, with Willy´s wife standing in front of Elvis.