Elvis and Priscilla leave the courthouse in Santa Monica, CA after divorce proceedings ending their six year marriage on October 9, 1973 - some say this was the beginning of the end for Elvis...

Oct. 9, 1973: Elvis and Priscilla Presley leave Los Angeles County Superior Court in Santa Monica after their divorce is granted by a judge. As The Times reported the next day, they emerged from the court arm in arm, and Presley gave his ex-wife a friendly kiss before driving off. The couple, married in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967, agreed on a $1.5-million settlement.

Former Los Angeles Times photographer George Fry shot the exclusive images of Elvis and Priscilla after one of his sources tipped him off.

For about 30 years, Fry worked a 3 p.m.-to-midnight shift for The Times’ city desk. The job: Develop sources and shoot images. The beat: West Los Angeles. On Oct. 9, Fry got the tip: Elvis and Priscilla were in Santa Monica court.

Fry walked up to the arriving Elvis and Priscilla, introduced himself as a photographer for the L.A. Times. They agreed to photos after the divorce-court hearing. When done in court, the Presleys came down the hallway “smiling and smooching,” Fry said.” They were still great friends.”

“I shot 15 to 16 frames and had an exclusive,” Fry said. ” I’m the only guy to shoot this. No paparazzi anywhere.”

Fry used a Rolleiflex with 55mm lens and exposed 220 black-and-white film.

When asked about his career, Fry replied, “I had the best job in the world.”

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