Nancy Anderson presenting Elvis with the 1973 Photoplay Editors Award in Lake Tahoe May 1973

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Presley sends tips soaring in Tahoe

I thought there'd be some rich dining room captains at the Sahara Tahoe after Elvis' recent opening there, so many big tips were crossing palms in exchange for good tables. Tens and twenties were flying all over the place. However, a hotel bus driver who delivered me to the Reno airport the next morning assured that the captains wouldn't keep the hefty gratuities but, rather, would pool them to be divided amongst all dining room personnel. He also said that no star creates the excitement at Tahoe that Elvis does, which isn't surprising, since the sum holds true in Vegas and everywhere else Presley appears.

Col. Tom Parker hid stirred up a bit of excitement himself at the Lake resort by accepting delivery there of his new Cadillac station wagon. The driver who'd met Elvis when he'd flown into the Tahoe airport said he'd failed to recognize the star at first because El was wearing a hat with a broad, soft brim and a purple cape. Now who else did he think would come to Tahoe dressed like that I wonder?

I visited Elvis in his dressing room just before he went on, and thought he looked tired. But, once he hit the stage, he was the supercharged super-star who drives the girls crazy! A young woman sitting near me whose husband had tipped $10 for their near-ringside seats wasn't clapping, so I thought she didn't like the show, but it turned out that she was paralyzed with excitement. Or that's what she said. As usual Elvis gave a few kisses and a few scarfs to girls who swarmed over the footlight, but to one, he gave a stern reminder. Dropping the line in between lyrics in a voice so soft it only carried a few feet, he said, "I told you not to come around here again." I don't know who she was, but she wasn't Patricia Parker.

Greeley Daily Tribune, Friday, June 15, 1973

Ailing Elvis Drops Out

Flu complicated by chest congestion forced Elvis to close his Sahara Tahoe engagement six days early leaving the showroom dark and literally thousands of fans with reservations for his performances disappointed. He'd been filling the 1,800-seat showroom to capacity twice every night and three times one evening, so you can calculate how many people were let down when he canceled.

Elvis' health has been a problem for some time. He was hospitalized a while back with an eye infection. He had pneumonia while he was playing Las Vegas, and he's had recurring throat trouble. When his throat plagued him in Las Vegas, his father explained that he had "desert throat," an uncomfortable dryness of the larynx which frequently affects singers appearing at the desert gambling spa. So the throat condition evidently wasn't serious and was more or less to be expected. However, El's bouts with chest congestion (pneumonia, flu, etc.) have been potentially dangerous, so, when he became ill at Tahoe, the doctor there flatly ordered him to get off the stage and into bed. Elvis made his final appearance at the lake on a Wednesday night but, determined to go on with the show, hung around the resort until Saturday arguing that he was well enough to work. However, the doctor finally convinced him that failure to follow medical advice could have severe consequences. So, on Saturday Elvis, reluctantly, allowed himself to be bundled onto a plane and flown to Memphis where, I'm happy to say, he's recovering.

Dee Presley, attending the Thalians Presidents' Club party (before Elvis' illness, of course), looked so young and pretty that other guests couldn't believe she was truly El's step-mom. She wore a shocking pink, clingy gown setting off the great tan she'd acquired during a visit to Florida. Among other notables at the supper event were Jack and Shirley Jones Cassidy, Chris and Lynda Day George, Pamela Mason with pretty daughter Portland, Zsa Zsa Gabor, BUI Orr and Jack Haley Sr. The party was at Jack Ryan's, a mansion previously owned by Warner Baxter and so big it's not just protected by fire extinguishers but by Ryan's own private fire engine which is parked in the drive.

Lisa Presley gave her first autograph while she was at Lake Tahoe visiting her father. A couple of tourists by the hotel pool asked to be allowed to take her picture and were told that was out of bounds, but, when they asked for her autograph, Lisa graciously scribbled her name. And she's only 5! Lisa not only attended her father's show every night of her stay at Tahoe but stood up in her booth, blew kisses and bowed to the audience.

Greeley Daily Tribune, Tuesday, June 19, 1973