Elvis on 1482 Cole Place near W. Sunset, in Los Angeles, CA, November/December, 1970

One set of pix I would like to see corrected are two pix that have been associated with another set that was taken in Nashville on May 21, 1971. However, the 2 pix set above I do know about. They were taken by Cheryl Shapiro in Los Angeles in late 1970. Many have simply, and understandably, thought that they are part of the Nashville set--but they are not. And ordinarly these date issues come down to a "he said, she said" kind of thing--except, and rather extrordinarly, the proof is actually in the pictures. Cheryl traded these pix with my Mom in early 1971 and she only wrote on the back "At R.C.A. late 1970". I guessed at the time that they were probably from Nov 70 but that was a guess based on other pix we had and on Elvis' whereabouts at the time. They are most likely from Nov or Dec of 1970. It was not uncommon for fans to not date their pix. Mom was forever getting Vegas pix from people that merely said Feb or Aug with no date and when I would press for the date the fans just said they didn't remember. I couldn't believe it, but to a lot of people the date just didn't really matter! Cheryl only knew she took these photos in late 1970. Here is how you can tell they were taken in Los Angeles and not Nashville. The building across the street from Elvis is "Daily Variety" and that is a Hollywood trade paper that was only printed in Los Angeles. Wikipedia has a nice article on Variety and confirms that the "Daily" version was only printed in LA. At the time Daily Variety's building was across the street from RCA. I think Elvis was only there on business that day. I do not think he was recording or rehearsing. Another interesting point about the two sets is that in the Nashville pix Elvis' suit appears to be blue, while in the LA pix his suit appears to be black or dark brown. As you know, Elvis had a habit that when he liked an outfit he would buy it in several colors. So I don't think he is even wearing the same outfit in these two sets!

Elaine Christan
Virginia Coons' daughter

See the Nashville set here;
Heading to record in Nashville at Studio 'B' on May 21, 1971 and another date in May 1971