Accepting keys for his Pearl White Stutz Blackhawk from dealership owner Jules Meyers (last two photos) and another person in late September / early October 1973

According to "Day By Day" (Guralnick - Jorgenson), Elvis was in LA from Monday September 24th to Thursday October 11th

Thanks to Leroy for the help on the photo date

From Behind The Image Vol. 2 - "In April of 1973, Elvis made a surprise visit to the Pontiac Dealership where he had purchased his first Black Stutz Blackhawk, back in 1970. He saw the new pearl white Stutz displayed in the showroom window...they proudly showed Elvis the Stutz that was on display. Elvis placed an order for the car, that would be imported from Italy and delivered later that year to his Holmby Hills estate on Monovale Drive in Los Angeles. Elvis' new Stutz was delivered at 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Elvis had just woke up, but he happily agreed to pose for publicity photos with the dealership owner, Jules Meyers."