Doing a sound check with the band on January 13, 1973 before the Aloha From Hawaii satellite show

Photo courtesy of Joe Tunzi - if you don't have any of Joe's great 70's photo books, I suggest you buy one now!

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Here is a list of some of the books Joe has put out since 1990;

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Elvis '69, The Return
Elvis '73, Hawaiian Spirit
Encore Performance II (NYC June 1972)
Elvis '70, Bringing Him Back
Elvis Standing Room Only 1970-1975
Elvis Highway 51, Memphis Tennessee (Memphis 1975 & 1976)
The Lost Photographs 1948 - 1969
Elvis '74, Enter The Dragon
Tiger Man - Elvis '68
Photographs & Memories
Aloha Via Satellite
Encore Performance III (Chicago May 1977)
Elvis # 1 - The Complete Chart History of Elvis Presley

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