All That I Am

Mystery Train label (Released 2005)

(Review by David Wilson)

Direct from the Elvis On Tour movie out-takes we get a 45 minute interview ( mostly unreleased on CD ) with Elvis in similar style to the Director Interview on '' The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol. 2, '' which now has proved to be just a little incomplete. The interview featured on Vol. 2 which was recorded on March 31st directly after the rehearsal Elvis did that day.

This unreleased interview was recorded a couple of months later, sometime in July. Obviously co-producer Bob Abel  wanted more from Elvis in the format of another interview, but this time Elvis wasn't filmed in the hope that Elvis would give a little more of his inner soul to him, and then possibly use it in the film as voice over's.

Elvis certainly did on that day in July, here on this CD you can hear Elvis talking more from the heart than any other interview he ever gave. Elvis was even called a son of a bitch to his face and Elvis quick witted reply is hilarious to say the least. He talks about all parts of his career, one opportunity lost was to get Elvis to open up and talk about his mother, but sadly this was missed. All the same there is still plenty here for every one to get into Elvis mind just a little bit like never before.

Now as many now know with the boot DVD's of the '' On Tour '' out-takes that have escaped over the past year or so, we can now see the Directors interview from March 31st but it is very unlikely this one from July was committed to film. Indeed there's one comment on the CD where Bob Abel can be heard saying '' Now that's my voice caught on tape too ,'' which you would not say if you were being filmed, instead he would had probably said '' Now that's me caught on film too . '' Or am I wrong ?

Ernst has obviously listened to this interview a long time ago as there is a comment from this used word for word in his book '' Day By Day ,'' where Elvis talks about his School Prom and the song he sang that night '' Till I Waltz With You Again '' . 

The 24 page booklet that comes with this CD doesn't have detailed liner notes with information on when and where this interview was actually recorded, but moreover a pictorial walk through the contents of the disc, and very well put together with a classy touch if I may say so. 

The CD has a couple of tracks also unreleased, one from back stage on the  April 15th and the other in his trailer prior to going on stage on the 19th. It also includes a couple of live tracks that have been previously released over the years.

A great little escape, and well worth the searching out and adding to your collection.


Track list :

01- Hiring The Stamps Quartet ( March 31, 1972 Los Angeles, CA ) 1:21 ; 02- Musical Roots ( March 31, 1972 Los Angeles, CA ) 10:46 ; 03- Wild Early Years 6:39 ; 04- Entertaining Fans 2:24 ; 05- Assembling Singers And Musicians 3:35 ; 06- Live Performances 0:40 ; 07- Jaycee Awards Speech 2:21 ; 08- First Talent Contest 1:40 ; 09- His Famous Sideburns 1:01 ; 10- Humes High '' Annual Minstrel '' Show, 1953 1:58 ; 11- Driving A Truck And SUN Records 1:43 ; 12- From The Waist Up 1:19 ; 13- Drafted 1:37 ; 14- Jealousy And Acceptance 4:03 ; 15- Trapped In Hollywood 8:44 ; 16- His Entourage 2:09 ; 17- Tour Preparation 4:25 ; 18- Backstage Discussion ( April 15, 1972 Macon,GA ) 0:59 ; 19- With Denise Sanchez ( Albuquerque, NM April 19, 1972 ) 1:05 ; 20- Funny How Time Slips Away ( March 31, 1972 Los Angeles, CA ) 2:50 ; 21- It's Over ( April 10, 1972 Richmond, VA ) 2:19 . Total time = 62:27

Tracks 3-19 previously unreleased

All tracks recorded in late July 1972 at MGM Studios in Los Angeles, CA except where noted.