Elvis Across The Country Vol. 1

(By David Wilson)

Elvis Across The Country Vol. 1
Audionics 2005-04-02
Running time 77:53


Hartford, Connecticut, 28.07.1976 (8:30 P.M.)
(Approx. running time: 47:33)
01. Also Sprach Zarathustra / 02. C. C. Rider / 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) / 04. Love Me / 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) / 06. You Gave Me A Mountain / 07. Band Introductions / 08. Early Mornin' Rain / 09. Chickin'Pickin' / What'd I Say (medley) / 10. Johnny B. Goode / 11. Drums Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) / 12. Bass Solo #1 (Blues - by Jerry Scheff) / 13. Bass Solo #2 (Battle Of New Orleans - by Jerry Scheff) / 14. Piano Solo (by Tony Brown) / 15. Electric Piano Solo (by David Briggs) / 16. Love Letters / 17. School Day (Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll) / 18. Happy Birthday (to "Kitten" Kahane, daughter of comedian Jackie Kahane) / 19. Hurt (with last part reprise) / 20. Hound Dog / 21. Can't Help Falling In Love / 22. Closing Vamp / Announcements. 23. Jackie Kahane speaks out in Jim Neighbors TV show, 1978 (03:00)

Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 08.09.1976 (8:30 P.M.)
(Approx. running time: 06:15)
24. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me (sung by Kathy Westmoreland) / 25. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (medley).

Jackson, Mississippi, 05.09.1976 (8:30 P.M.)
(Approx. running time: 07:17)
26. Blue Christmas (Elvis on acoustic guitar) / 27. Jingle Bells (instrumental, by the band) 28. How Great Thou Art / 29. Monologue / 30. Can't Help Falling In Love (incomplete).

Highlights from Dayton, Ohio, 06.10.1974 (8:30 P.M.)
(Approx. running time: 14:07)
31. Big Boss Man / 32. The Wonder Of You / 33. Lawdy Miss Clawdy / 34. That's All Right, Mama (with false start, Elvis on acoustic guitar) / 35. Hawaiian Wedding Song (with last part reprise) / 36. Johnny B. Goode


Volume one in a series that can only get better, as the sound on the main content of this CD is not the best that we have heard from a 1976 show, the concert is from Hartford, CT. 28th July 1976 evening show, but unfortunately the middle of the show is missing which is a shame as it’s an above average show, Elvis is in a good mood and enjoying the show as is the audience, highlights of the show included on this release are the introductions Elvis has a poke of fun at poor old J.D Sumner, and funny version of “Happy Birthday” dedicated to one of Jackie Kahane’s daughters, and hinted in the liner notes this recording came from him too.

To link Jackie Kahane the producers decided it would be a good idea to add a recording from a 1978 TV show that Jackie appeared on, where he briefly talks about his time with Elvis, nothing startling but it’s a link. This is followed by Kathy Westmoreland’s performance of “My Heavenly Father” & Elvis medley of “Mystery Train/Tiger Man” from Pine Bluff, AR 8th September 1976 evening show, just a shame it’s only two songs, again the sound could be better.

Back in time three days and Elvis is in Jackson, MS 5th September 1976 evening show, Elvis this time gets geared up to play the Guitar and plays a Bluesy version of “Blue Christmas” this is quickly followed by a short burst of “Jingle Bells” by the orchestra, Elvis then gives his usual thundering “How Great Thou Art”, and a thank you to the state Governor for an award earlier in the evening and straight into an incomplete “Can’t Help Falling In Love” but as with the previous selection the sound could be better, its a little hissy. As stated in the booklet a special bonus to finish off the CD a selection of recordings from Dayton, OH 6th October 1974 evening show – previously released complete on (Breathing Out Fire - Madison), but these tracks come from a better generation tape, to be fair the sound is better, just a shame the other selections couldn’t be of the same quality as we have here.

These three unreleased soundboard selections that according to liner notes have been cleaned up using the latest equipment, software and 24-bit processing, have not got a patch on the final selection of released soundboard recordings from Dayton. That said is it worth having, silly question if you’re a fan that has to have everything, but if you like to pick and choose this release may well not grace your Elvis shelf. One other thing worth a mention is the CD is a picture disc in the same style as the front cover, the booklet is informative and well laid out, just the track listing on the back cover, we fans are not getting younger and the text is getting smaller!